Significant Qualifications
Industry Certificates
Personal Details
Academic Record
Skill Sets
Memberships and Affiliations
Pravin has over Fifteen years of IT and Management experience in the field of software application development and systems management. Pravin holds a Dual Masters in Software Engineering, a PGDIT in Computer engineering, a Bachelor of Commerce. Pravin is results oriented, hands-on executive with strong technology alliances management and advanced technology marketing experience. Proven ability in identifying, signing, and managing strategic partnerships with leading global companies to increase routes to market and grow revenues. Recognized innovator and subject matter expert with strong technical, analytical and strategic planning skills. Consistently exceeds personal objectives. Accomplished executive leader with documented success in partner management, business development, product management/marketing,sales, sales management and operations. An impressive track record driving results - generating revenue and managing costs. Expertise in business management, acquisitions, channels, alliances, marketing, technology, software, and international operations.
Significant Qualifications
Business Development
- Demonstrated expertise at selecting/negotiating/managing partner relationships with companies of all sizes for reseller, OEM and referral relationships for internal/external product licensing
- Proven leader in diverse areas of corporate growth management including product marketing, partner and alliance management, channels, strategic planning, inventory management, training and development, pricing, financial analysis and forecasting.
- Possess in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and distribution industry/processes.
- Key acquisition experience including due diligence, contract negotiation and post acquisition management.
- Benchmark results in adapting and integrating corporate strategy into culturally-diverse markets.
- Proven expertise delivering results launching high-tech products, devising sales tactics, driving sales and marketing initiatives.
- Experienced Product Marketing manager for software solutions and services.
- Talented at developing marketing support programs to support sales objectives including event presentations, campaign development, collateral creation in support of strategic plans and initiatives and tactical sales objectives.
- Career milestone accomplishments in developing and implementing international marketing programs for effective, efficient and culture-driven integration.
- Leadership success in matrix/team style organizations and operational management.
- Keen ability to build strong partner alliances and ensure effective business process integration.
- Demonstrated expertise at P&L management and utilizing financial tools to determine best business opportunities, analyze contribution margin, and consistently achieve revenue and profit goals.
- Key strengths in matrix management. Proven results in driving integration of diverse functional areas.
- Exemplify strong leadership in developing and maintaining valued channel and supplier relationships.
- Executive level presentation abilities, influencing both domestic and international audiences.
Industry Certificates
Jan 2004 Cisco Certified Network Associate (Module 1, Module 2, Module 3)
Nov 2002 RSA Australia E-Security Certificate
Feb 2001 Verisign Australia Public Key Infrastructure Security Certificate
Pravin’s core expertise is in the following role:

Software Engineer – System Programmer – Network Administrator

Within the software programming field, Pravin has a specific interest in:

• C/C++ Programming
• Internet & Intranet programming
• Linux System, Sun Solaris, NEC SX6 System administration …
• Distributed Systems and Technology
• Web and Web Server Technology, Apache Web Server …
• Procedural and Object oriented programming
• Workflows and Portals development
• Workflows orchestration and generation …
• Quick learner of new technologies …..

Pravin’s career background and IT industry experience includes:

• specific expertise in programming .
• a wide variety of Internet applications
• a proven track record in Networking and Security.
• in-depth technical knowledge across a diverse range of computing fields
• extensive practical experience

Personal Details
Home Address 3 Bodley Street, Clayton South, VIC 3169
Phone (Residence) 03 95581046
Phone (Office) 03 95444940
Phone (Mobile) -
E-mail address marishashetty@gmail.com
Language English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Tulu.
Residency Status: Citizen of Australia
Academic Record
Feb 2005 – Present
(Part Time)
Masters Continuation PHD
Monash University Australia

Thesis Topic: An Investigation of Security Policy Formalisms for Pervasive Computing Environments.

Nov 2001 – Feb 2006 Cisco Network Academy Program Graduate

Completed Networking Basics module, Routers & Routing module, Switching Basics & Intermediate Routing module.

Feb 1999 – Mar 2001 Master of Information Technology
Monash University Australia

Thesis Topic: Decentralised Distributed Intrusion Detection System.

March 1997-May 1998 Diploma in Business Management (transcript year 1, year 2, and year 3)
Dahanu Management & Computer Education
Achieved Credit Average.
Jul 1993 – Jun 1996 Bachelor of Commerce
Bombay University India

Achieved Distinction average.

Jun 1993 – Jun 1996 Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
St Xavier’s Institute India [Part Time]

Achieved Distinction average.

Skill Sets

Committed to the delivery of cost-effective strategic business change with skill sets in:

* Business Strategy, Commercial Relationship

Development and Alliances * Vendor Management

* Stakeholder Management * Business Process Re-engineering

* Systems Implementation * Shared Front and Back Office Strategies

* Customer Relationship Management Systems * Customer Information Systems Strategies

* IT Investment Strategies * Systems Integration

* E-Commerce Strategies * Client Presentations

* Consulting Services * Business Plans/Performance Contracts

* Data Warehousing Strategies * Business Case Development

* Contract Development and Negotiation * Shared Front and Back Office Strategies

* Project Management * Fuel Retailing, Fuel Card/Fleet Management Systems

* Service Level Agreement Negotiation and

Management * Negotiation & Presentation

* Customer Systems

March 2011 - PresentBVK Infra India, Director
SMET - Principal Educational Director
Shetty Farms - MD
Sahayadri Camps - BDM
May 2009 - March 2011Managing Director, Senior BDM
24/7 Shoppersstop Pty Ltd
Jan 2008 – May 2009Vice President, IT Technology Marketing and Business Development
Parasoft,Inc. Lisle, IL Parasoft, Inc. is the global leader in multi-gigabit, multi-tier application acceleration
  1. * Recruitment for H1-B and E3 candidates ;Leading 110 direct and indirect staff and a sole contributor for a branch in India
  2. * Develop, build, and execute go-to-market strategy and tactics with a focus on introduction of new technology and its assimilation into the marketplace
  3. * Lead engagements that provide integrated marketing solutions across multiple channels
  4. * Evangelize Parasoft, Inc. value proposition and provide leadership in brand advocacy
  5. * Lead cross-functional teams and leverage virtual teams to achieve results and build sponsorship across multiple organizations
  6. * Build and maintain extensive business relationships and partnerships
  7. * Identify Parasoft, Inc. points of differentiation through competitive analysis, customer interview research, key markets to “own”, industry trends, growth potential, product and service offerings, marketing specialization, definition of Parasoft, Inc. advantage and client benefits
  8. * Evaluate and qualify current customer base and industries to develop strategies to grow sales in all viable markets on a planned program
  9. * Conduct opportunity assessments and develop business plans with alliance partners that drive cooperative sales, implementation/services, co-marketing, co-development, support models, and profitable revenue streams
  10. * Serve as a consultative business partner to customer/partner groups, integrating technical expertise/experience, customer’s/partner’s business objectives and marketplace factors Jr-Project Manager, MIS– Consultant
  11. * Assisted in developing Order-to-Cash (OTC) system to replace the COBOL CIS platform and legacy systems within Corporate Software & Services (CS&S). The transitioning to the Unison platform improved billing, customer service, reporting, revenue retention. It significantly reduced costs by reducing the number of OTC systems from eight+ to two and will be better prepared for a future SAP OTC migration.
  12. * Maintained the Project Plan updates for several Business Units including Royalties, Fulfilment and Renewals. Conducted weekly status meeting to review project plan tasks and provided plan updates for the lines of business.
  13. * Help manage the entry, updates and closure of all project issues as a result of User Acceptance Testing (UAT),Participated in daily issue update calls with the project team, developers and business units.
  14. * Created Visio Business Process Flow for the current Business Units within TTA.
  15. * Participated and documented the business requirement
  16. * Coordinated the events of UAT I & II with the Business Units and MIS teams of Valhalla, NY, Fort Worth, TX and Carrolton, TX..
  17. * Loading Test Case in to Test Management System (TMS) for UAT I & II.
  18. * Prepared the Power Point Presentation for UAT Kick off meetings.
  19. * Conduct training sessions for the Business Units.
  20. * Monitored and provided support during the Cutover process from the test environment to the final cutover to the production environment.
  21. * Completed Project implementation calendar
  22. * Defined and developed solutions, assured that products and services worked together, drew up schedule of commitments including price, implemented client/server solutions, assured subcontractors met expectations, and customized software and hardware components
  23. * Designed, configured, implemented, deployed LAN, WAN, Computer Systems, Mass Storage Systems based on TCP/IP, Novell, Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/NT, UNIX, & OpenVMS
  24. * Developed and supported commercial and government (including 8a) contracts for computer and network hardware, software, and services
  25. * Managed purchasing of all hardware and software to satisfy over 50 commercial customers including Census Bureau, Citicorp, Connie Lee Insurance Company, DoD, FDA, Hekimian Laboratories, MDE, & NOAA
Feb 2006-Dec 2007 Manager, Business Development and Marketing
GSS America Mount Prospect, Chicago
  1. * Recruitment for H1B and E-3 Visa candidates. Also Managing 40 direct and indirect staff
  2. * Created and managed Technology Alliance Program
  3. * Identified, evaluated, and developed global partnerships with leading technology vendors including Avaya, BMC, Citrix, Draeger Medical, EMC, Extreme, HP, IBM, Infovista, Mazu Networks, Microsoft, Network Appliance, Polycom, Q1 Labs, & Silverback
  4. * Led cross-functional team comprised of executives, product management, marketing, and engineering resources to support partnerships
  5. * Negotiated contracts including global distribution agreements and non-disclosure agreements
  6. * Developed and conducted sales and technical training for partner sales, channel, and services teams
  7. * Managed integration development and certification for joint technology solutions
  8. * Developed and delivered technical training for global strategic alliances
  9. * Worked with Product Management to develop customer feature requests
  10. * Consistently exceeded sales quota
  11. * Worked with Product Management to develop customer feature requests
  12. * My position was eliminated after the business unit decided to narrow its scope, and focus only on Recruitments in house due to fear of recession
Feb 1996 to 2009Assistant Lecturer /Liaison Officer Research Fellow From Dec 2005
Monash University
  1. * In-charge of International Student issues, and student rep in OHSE and Discipline committee.
  2. * Coordinate and develop Faculty of IT Development and Recruitment Strategy (China and India) (Members include Professor Elizabeth Kendall, Mr. Kent Goldsworthy and Ms. Sharon Yap).
  3. * Develop collaboration with Dr. D.S. Hegde (Professor and Dean Academic Affairs) from National Institute of Industrial Engineering (under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).
  4. * Extensive liaising experience as a result of 5 years working as a liaison officer.
  5. * Develop and streamlined relationship between student and faculty / academic staff.
  6. * Establish a culture of faith and friendship with the students.
  7. * Supervise group of students who were meritoriously awarded $3000 as the best IE group in year 2001 and 2002.
  8. * Successfully delivered a number of IT projects to plan – Call Tracking System, Intrusion Detection System, Wireless and Networking projects.
  9. * Leadership and communication skills to coordinate project team.
  10. * Comprehensive knowledge of cost, technical and financial accounting procedures. Accommodation of client requirements given the feasibility of technical parameters including time and resource constraints.
Feb 1999 – Dec 2008Present Working member in FIT Development and Recruitment Strategy (India and China) / Assistant Lecturer School of Computer Science & Software Engineering
Monash University Australia
  1. * Strengthening Monash University’s presence in China and India through strategic collaboration with qualified universities, IDP, agents and private institutes in order to promote Monash as a study destination.
  2. * Review and discuss issues to be implemented surrounding India and China market for agent recruitment and development in order to ensure currency of market and operational intelligence for Monash University.
  3. * Identify, build and maintain close relationship with universities abroad for development of undergraduate programs.
  4. * Work and collaborate with Monash International to promote Monash undergraduate and masters courses.
  5. * Identify and visit major cities abroad with high tech IT growth to establish presence of Monash University.
  6. * Collaborate with top 20 IT industries for staff development and training schemes.
  7. * Advise and assist on advancement to structural arrangements in the field of marketing / managing / partner programs for international and local markets.
  8. * Develop and deliver requirement-based IT course for corporate clients, internal staff and students.
  9. * Develop web portal to facilitate subject learning.
  10. * Collaborate joint research projects with local and international universities.
  11. * Prepare monitoring report to facilitate continuous improvement methodology adhering with AS/NZS ISO 9001 procedures.
  12. * Provide professional advice to Monash University on techniques, processes and course material that can be updated to meet the quality guidelines.
  13. * Develop assessment guidelines for students to check their credit exemptions.

May 1999 - Present

Liaison Officer for International Students
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Monash University, Australia

  1. Develop and support negotiations between local / international students and academic and administrative staff.
  2. Develop and maintain constructive bridging relationship and networks with faculty and students.
  3. Liaison with faculty, alumni and Faculty International Development Group on institutional partnering relations.
  4. Establish working relationships with students and liaising with faculty office, Monash International and school managers / school based administrative staff.


Jan 2000 - Present

CSSE Industrial Project Supervisor
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Monash University, Australia

  1. Supervise students in designing and developing industrial live projects.
  2. Provide guidance and professional advice to facilitate student in investigating and analysing business requirements.
  3. Collaborate between client and students to ensure the project meets the client’s requirements and standards.
  4. Project assessment according to client specification and proposal.
  5. Provide encouragement / assistance to students.
  6. Increase the confidence of students in undertaking projects in industry.


Jan 2003 - Present

Student Representative Discipline Committee
Student Representative of Dean’s Strategic Review Team (Prof. Ron Weber)
Student Representative of Monash Postgraduate Association
Student Alumni

  1. Member of the review team of discipline committee.
  2. Responsible to conduct strategic preview facing Faculty of Information Technology.
  3. Provide diverse and fresh views to adopt a creative, whole-of-faculty approach.
  4. Liaising with other Monash Alumni to promote Monash as a prestigious university.
  5. Build Alumni presence across the world to up sell potential of further studies.
  6. Collaborate with undergraduate / postgraduate students and faculty to ensure relevant student matters are being addressed.


Jun 1993 - Jun 1996 Stars Information Technology Mumbai-India
Project Leader Information Service Department
Software Engineer
  1. * Leading 12 direct and indirect staff and a sole contributor too for School of Networking and Financials
  2. * Responsible for development of a wide variety of Networks and Security in Internet related utility functions and applications. Overview of role: Maintenance and improvement of existing code (SINA). SINA' (Schools-net Internet Network Administrator) is an Internet management system that allows schools to define and monitor their user’s Internet access and activities. Included:
  3. * gathering information from proxy (squid’s access files), administration (email) servers
  4. * gathering information from router servers (pockets)
  5. * validate data and store in mSql databases Network size was in the range of 23 proxy servers, 18 admin servers, 8 router servers across 5 deployments. Even though most of the jobs are of automatic (cron) nature. Because of various limitations like mSQL’s single query at a time, co-ordination among the servers, validation failures, time restrictions etc, there were lots of failures in completing day’s process. Involved in project migrating to the MySQL database. Most of the development was using the PERL. Also responsible for fixing the day-to-day problems of customers (schools) and preparing monthly bills and various other reports, and development of the applications to get traffic reports from source logs, used for the validation final reports obtained from the databases. I was responsible for the documentation of the entire (SINA) project in the programming perspective.
May 1980 - March 1984 Assistant-Managing Director
Family Business, and was working in these 5 companies at different time span under a huge Management.
  1. 1] S. P. Farm & Nursery
  2. 2] S. P. Moss Suppliers
  3. 3] S. P. Land Developers
  4. 4] S. P. Irrigators
  5. 5] Dahanu Road Lunch
  6. Home
Collaborators: Bowsmith Inc. California USA Ein-Tal Ltd. Netanya / Israel Kapam Ltd. Haifa Israel Business Functions:
1. Micro-irrigation (Drip)
2. Landscape irrigation
3. Green houses, liquid fertilisers
4. Agro-tech consultancy
5. Dealers in N. A. industrial plots & sheds, agricultural land, gardens, bungalows & flats
6. Government suppliers of green moss-Government recognised farm and nursery

Role: Responsible for development of a wide variety of Business related utility functions and applications.

Jan 1984 - Dec 1995

Analyst Programmer
Business Integration Systems (India) Pty Ltd
  1. * Software development for a variety of internal systems.
  2. * SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Database 7.3, Developer 2000, PERL, HTML

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Anti Corruption  India
    Anti Terrorist India
    Society for Fast Justice India
  • Associate of Australian Computer Society (Workshop)
  • Cricket Umpire of Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association (VSDCA)
  • Member of Monash University Alumni Association
  • Member of Melbourne Indian Club
  • Psychiatric Nurse (RN-DIV II) from Swinburne University
  • Member of Lions Club of Dahanu Road India

Reading, Computer Games, Gardening, Indian Music / Entertainment, Travelling, Asian Food


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